Contacts. Photographer @ Studio | Barcelona — Svyatoslav Usmyal

Hi! My name is Svyatoslav Usmyal (Slawa). I have been photographing people since 2005. My story began in a small town, thousands of kilometers from the sea, and now I live and work in the capital of Catalonia, in the city of Barcelona. I see uniqueness and beauty in every person, all my photographs are my perception, my play of light and shadows. If you have never ordered a photographer, were afraid to turn out ugly, then you should come to me. Do not wait for the right moment, it does not happen, we live here and now, do not miss the moment, keep the memories. Imagine that after many years you can return to those very moments again, look at your child, yourself, your family and remember the emotions that you experienced at that moment, and again realize how fleeting time is. If you, your family or your child has an important event ahead of you, save it not only in your memory. 

 Family is the main value in life, memories are treasures, and the photographer is a magician who stops the moments and does it in a special way! Trust a professional!

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